Adrenal Revive

Adrenal Revive is available in two sizes.

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Adrenal Revive is made from all natural ingredients designed to restore your body to its core level of vitality. Don’t think that being tired is the curse of getting older. You can have the young and vibrant feel- ing after using Adrenal Revive on a regular basis. You can either take it twice a day, or since it’s a liquid, you might also want to put some in your water that you drink all day long so that it will be working for you around the clock—reducing the negative effects of stress. Cortisol, which is the stress hormone, breaks down tissues and muscles so that you can get quick energy and run from danger. Your body uses cor- tisol from the adrenal glands (attached to your kidneys) to break down the body for quick energy. Being scared, or shocked or in an accident creates that same reaction. If after a shock you don’t go out and run (like you would run from a chasing bear) to use up the cortisol, then the cortisol stays in the body and creates big prob- lems. It will increase inflammation, cause pain, and can create headaches.

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