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Spectra Vision


(What is it?)


The Spectra Vision is based on quantum physics and is designed to provide a holistic approach toward healing.  Because the body is “electric,” stresses cause changes in the connective tissues – and these changes impede the flow of electrons (energy) in the body.  If the stressors are of a biochemical nature they can de-regulate the biochemistry and cause an imbalance in the operation of the body itself.


Prolonged stress can become damaging to health.  It has been shown that over 75% of visits to the doctor’s office is stress induced.  Spectra Vision is designed to measure the changes in the connective tissue, the Meridians, and the Accupoints to determine the person’s overall “balance.”  The deleterious effects can be measured using sophisticated equipment in a non-invasive way.  Now the balance of the body can be addressed.


In your personal life, the daily stresses may just make you tired at the end of the day; running the kids to soccer and dance, doing the shopping, and making sure everyone eats a healthy dinner all become top priorities.  But, those stresses are easy to cope with, at least until someone gets sick, the bills can’t get paid, or your work load increases.  The juggling act then becomes a huge burden.


In the human body, stress becomes literally small “energy withdrawals.”  They add up, but we don’t feel the “loss.”  Over time, these small withdrawals begin to show up as “less energy” or “being tired a lot.”  The energy losses at a cellular level eventually affect isolated areas of the body that were “out of the loop.”  Initially, this overall “lowered energy efficiency” isn’t too big of a problem:  we just learn to put up with it.


But, under chronic stress, the stress hormones, which cause fight or flight reactions, begin a complex cycle that eventually disrupts many of the body systems and they detract from the cells’ capacity to make energy.  This chronic effect – of lowered energy is much like a brown out in a city – it reduces the body’s overall ability to do its work.  The cells don’t up-take nutrients as well, metabolic toxins can’t get out of the cells, and hormones like insulin and cortisol begins to build up in the blood and fluids.  We can’t sleep as well; we are more tired during the day.  We begin to crave things that will boost our energy, or relax us at night.  We can lose interest even in life.


A chronic state of stress, causing the reduced energy flow (which can be easily seen in the computer software and detected by the Spectra Vision) is detected during  the evaluation process.  By taking accupoint  measurements, the flow of energy through each meridian can be assessed.


This is important because through the use of specialized homeopathic remedies, the flow can be re-established as toxins that block the flow are stimulated naturally to be released.


According to a renowned scientist, who studied the body and biochemistry for years, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry, Illya Prigogine, stated that blocked energy flow throughout the body can eventually manifest as illness.  At first, these isolated blockages demonstrate tiredness, fatigue and muscle pain.  Later chronic issues will appear.


Often, the “brown out” conditions can be reversed, through the use of specialized balancing techniques offered with the Spectra Vision Technology, changes to lifestyle, cellular detoxification and balanced living.


The fees are $125.00 for an initial consultation and $75.00 for a repeat scan which includes a customized formula.  If additional formulas are required, they are an additional $25.00.  Most people only need one formula.


The use of the Spectra Vision does not replace regular visits to your family physician.  The BioEnergy Balance Technique does not palliate, mitigate, diagnose or treat any disease.  To be diagnosed with a disease or to be treated for a disease condition, you must see your physician or primary care practitioner and follow their prescribed course of action.  The Spectra Vision does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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