Hi, Rebecca. I’ve been meaning to send you an email and the sale page from Tammy prompted my memory. I’ve been to see Tammy twice. After my first visit and being on the supplements and eating the recommended foods, I was feeling more energetic and lost a few pounds. At my second visit 3 ½ weeks later, my numbers had improved significantly…Tammy said she hadn’t seen such a clean profile. At that visit I still had one trouble spot and have a new supplement to try.

I just wanted to follow-up and let you know how pleased I am…I look forward to continued improvements. And I’m really glad I don’t have nearly as many food restrictions as you’ve had…it’s been so much easier. So thank you again for your recommendation. I’m so glad I bumped into you and that you were willing to share your own good experience with Tammy.

Jane R
Mayo Clinc

Comments from the Doctor's Office:
Your bone scan results

I’m very pleased to hear these results. Now I’m ready to move forward with more Bone Grow…….and to have Dr. R---- on board with recommending it to her patients. I’ll pick up some of your cards to pass along to her when I pick up the Bone Grow.

Patient Care Coordinator

Glucobalance supplement and diabetes

This supplement has reduced my blood glucose levels back into the normal range. I am a female with a healthy weight and regular exercise routine (5 days a week) but at age 51 had a fasting blood glucose level of 106. This is considered pre-diabetic. I thought it was a fluke but a year later at my next physical it was 108. My heredity was obviously working against me. I started taking Glucobalance, 2 tablets a day and by the next year my fasting blood glucose level dropped to 90. I dropped my dosage to 1 tablet a day and the next year it was 91. I am convinced that Glucobalance is an effective preventative for diabetes. 

Hawthorn and Varigone and Spider Veins

I have had spider veins for many years that have recently been becoming more varicose. I have been taking Hawthorn (4 tabs daily) and Varigone (2 tabs daily), along with a boost from Natural Cellular Defense, and have been seeing a slow but steady improvement in the size and color of the veins on my legs. 

Natural Cellular Defense - skin irritations, arthritis

I began taking NCD at the high dose 10 drops, 3x daily for the first month. I then dropped to the maintenance dose of 3 drops, 3x daily. After about 5 weeks I noticed that the skin irritation I had experienced for years was starting to clear up. I had been taking supplements for varicose veins and at that point I also started to see improvement in that as well.

I have used it also for a 19 year old horse with arthritis in her neck. The inflammation affected the nerves to her feet causing numbness making her drag her feet, trip and stumble. Using the same dosage, at about the 5 week point she started picking up her feet, walking much more steadily and had more energy. She was on it for 4 months. We discontinued over the winter and 4 months later she was dragging her feet again. We have started again for the summer and are seeing the same good result. 


My testimony:  I have chronic Lyme Disease.  I have been treated with antibiotics for 14 months.  Some of my symptoms have gone away.  However, due to my Lyme Disease I have a compromised immune system that seems to be attacking itself and multiple chemical sensitivities(MCS). Before starting NCD I was finding that I was reacting negatively to everything.  Personal products, foods, house hold cleaners, paints, and anything else with a scent  made me miserable. I felt like I was constantly having an allergic reaction. When reacting I would experience hives, rashes, swollen, itchy eyes, tingling sensation in my face and horrible fatigue. When I started taking NCD it took me several weeks to get to the detox dosage, which was approximately 6 weeks.  At 6 weeks, I started to feel major improvement in my energy level.  My sleep as been much improved as well.  I still have some MCS but not even half as bad as what it was before NCD.  Taking NCD is allowing the body to constantly detox.  This is crucially important during a treatment protocol for lyme disease.   When lyme is being attacked by antibiotics or some other form of treatment, a die off period occurs.  This causes the body to have an extra burden of toxins.  If these toxins do not leave the body then you are left with a worsening of symptoms.  Once toxins are out of your body your symptoms will lessen. This is why implementing NCD in your lyme treatment becomes important. Another important thing to note is that Lyme holds on to heavy metals in the body.  Heavy metals will intensify your symptoms.  The NCD will trap the heavy metals and then rid the body of them.  


For the past 11 years I have struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, candida, depression, anxiety, glandular issues, a low immune system & other health concerns.  With the use of Natural Cellular Defense, I now have a strong immune system, a great decline in candida, & healthier glands.  This has resulted in more energy, ability to be more active, & greater anticipation over future blessings!  I believe that NCD (& other Waiora products) have been & will continue to be a blessing in my healing process.

My heart’s desire is for others to be blessed through gaining & maintaining wellness. May you be one of those people!”


 I found Tammy Jordan's company, Herbal Heath, through a friend of mine, he told me that she would put me on a path to wellness. The thing is, he was right. anybody looking to change their life in a positive way by positive I mean have more energy, and just better overall health then this is for you. I first went to Tammy in the beginning of 2007 when I had chronic digestive issues and she changed that with a diet that worked for me using the Chi machine.

At first it was difficult to change but slowly you adapt and things start to improve. She definitely gives you a good sense of direction on how to live with what I call the earth's cycles, and living a more balanced lifestyle. Before this I use to go to Medical doctors seeking resolution to problems only to be given a prescription to drugs. What I quickly realized is there is a whole lot more to being healthy, then taking a medication. She will lead you in that direction but you must be flexible and willing to change to feel your best. 

Matt E

My life has changed in the last 6 days!! My colon is GREAT!! i havent had any bloating since tuesday (when i saw you).  I have lost 6 pounds as of today.  The swelling has gone down a lot in my hands too.  Everything seems to be going well! I think i had a major "body shock" the first 2 days, but i sure feel better now!
Thanks for everything,