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Herbal Health

A Journey Into Wellness



Tammy’s Story


Tammy is the founder and owner of Herbal Health. She has dedicated her life to helping others get well. If you’d like to hear her personal story and motivation for starting her businessĀ in the alternative health field please continue to read!


I was a sickly child being raised in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. During the ages of 1 to 3, every weekend my parents would take me to a rural setting as I was allergic to the air pollution in the city. I missed most of my first grade because I was pale and weak. They thought I had Leukemia by the age of 8.

Through my pre-teen years, I remember being sick every winter. I would get a cold in the beginning of winter and keep it for months resulting in my nose being extremely raw and sore for the whole winter along with achy muscles. As I became a teenager, I was plagued with vaginal yeast infections that never went away. They were so severe that I couldn’t put any under clothing on as I was too raw. Wiping caused bleeding. I couldn’t physically wear a pair of jeans for 15 years as it would cause an instant yeast infection.

I also experienced extreme fatigue to the extent that I would fall asleep on the school bus and someone would wake me up at my bus stop. I could not stay awake. When I would drive somewhere, I would need to lay down in the car seat and take a nap before I could get the energy to go inside.

Headaches so severe that the doctors would just give me drugs for because they had no idea what were the cause. My thinking was so foggy that I couldn’t finish the sentence that I started because I would forget what I was talking about. I walked around in a daze. I went from making straight “A’s” in school to “D’s and F’s” because 1 could not concentrate. I also had severe depression and anxiety. I didn’t have much hope that there was anything to live for.

By the time I turned 20 years old, I was physically falling apart. I had symptoms of my bladder bleeding, kidneys being infected, bowel movements were every 21 days or so, liver was enlarged and throbbing, gallbladder was stressed (I was always sick to my stomach), my right lung was collapsing, and had adrenal exhaustion, along with severe hypoglycemia to where I would fall into walls as I walked. Breast lumps appeared and were so painful I could not wear a bra. I could not even climb stairs because of the pain I was experiencing. Because I was so malnourished my stomach sunk in and I ate all day long because I felt like I was starving all the time. Also, I would get urinary tract and bladder infections so severe that I would cry as I urinated.

Seeking Help

I went to some of the best doctors in the United States from Missouri to Florida and out to California. I saw a very prominent Urologist at Scripps Clinic in San Diego. No one could find anything wrong with me, so they decided it was all in my head. I did find a doctor who wanted to give me a hysterectomy and take my tonsils out all on the same day. He stated it would fix both ends and I would be fine from thereafter. I was also told that I could never have children. (I have four)

I finally found a medical doctor who was also holistic. He told me he didn’t know what I had, but he would research it. About three weeks later, around midnight, I received a call from this doctor stating that the British Medical Journal just named my illness and it was Candiasis. He said I had almost every symptom that was known at the time. At that time the book had listed about 150 symptoms. You can imagine what a relief this was to actually have someone try to figure out what was wrong. I had multiple years of antibiotics, frustration and anger with the countless doctors’ had seen, not to mention thousands of dollars wasted. This doctor told me to go all natural and not to see any more medical doctors as they were killing me with the antibiotics. This doctor told me to throw all my prescription drugs down the toilet, quit my job, move out of the state and start my life all over with a different perspective. He told me if I told anyone what he suggested that he would deny it for fear of being disbarred from the AMA.

I ventured into the world of alternative medicine which was very scarce at the time. I did exactly as the doctor had told me. I found help through nutritionists, a colon therapist, and using acupuncture and massage therapy. The most important for me to focus upon was my diet and colon therapy. It took three long years of getting well. I did major cleansing and rebuilding of the body. I was on a very strict diet for one year and then it became a little easier. I was also very weak during this time and was only allowed to walk as my form of exercise for the first year of rebuilding my body. Bicycling or running would throw my hips out, plus I really didn’t have enough energy to perform those types of exercise. The first year, I went to a nutritionist three times per week who monitored everything I ate. I was not allowed any sugar what-so-ever. I was not even allowed a piece of fruit. After the first year, I was then given one green apple per week. . Eventually, I was able to slowly add fruit back into my diet. Yes, I can eat a variety of fruit now.

I have been blessed with knowledge through my personal experience. It is a passion of mine to share my knowledge of food and nutrition with anyone that is willing to change their eating pattern to help prevent illness. The bottom line is:


Please note that to truly heal, you must work on the entire body which is physical, emotional and spiritual. Your body works well and will balance as a whole, not as a part.